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About Us

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Years of Experience.

Reigniting Creativity

A strong team of technologists, engineers, and developers.

AdaptX was founded in late 2018 and within 2 years has grown to serve various global enterprises. We started in web development and ventured out into software, 3D design, product prototyping, manufacturing, and ground-penetrating radar (GPR) drone systems.

Today, we act as an inclusive solution for businesses of all sizes seeking to implement software and hardware products into the workplace. We focus on security and manage industries with sensitive, critical data with on and off-site solutions.

As we continue to grow, we build our business around our customers to provide services that effectively improve the ways businesses operate. 

What we bring to the table.

This is why people choose us.

We operate globally.

We work with businesses around the world and have available team members in various time-zones for immediate support.

We focus on Anonymity and Confidentiality.

We manage projects that require the utmost security and privacy and ensure to do our part to keep data secure.

We are a small team that cares.

Our clients are what matter most and we do whatever we can to ensure they are satisfied with what we do for them.