The dangers of bad design.

With the growing list of web agencies in Canada, it is essential to understand a critical factor that separates good design from “cheap” design. Our biggest recommendation when finding a company to build your site is to not go with the cheapest option.

Having come across various business owners that made the mistake of purchasing web design services from inexperienced individuals, we have seen first hand the dangers and consequences these businesses face soon after. Yes, it is possible today to get a website completed for less than $200.00. However, there is a good chance that it will not be completed to the same standards many businesses must comply with to remain at the top of Google. Especially within the web design industry, you really do “get what you pay for”.

Developed agencies are very familiar with all the SEO tools available. They often use more than one tool to help you stand out on search engines. Without an SEO friendly site, users searching the internet won’t find your company on the first page using standard keywords. If you can’t be found on Google, what is the point of having a website?

Unfortunately, that is only the tip of the iceberg. Security is one of the most significant factors that businesses need to consider.

What has your developer done to keep everything secure?

We like to ask website owners this question quite a bit and it goes to show how many websites are at risk everyday. At AdaptX, we include a free renewing SSL certificate for all sites we host. We also monitor and use third party services to scan site activity to prevent unauthorized access. As per the whitepaper published by Google, websites without an SSL certificate (beginning in 2018) will be ranked weaker vs those with one.

Don’t have an SSL certificate?

It isn’t surprising to find that many inexperienced developers around the world don’t install SSL certificates onto the websites they develop. What does that mean for your business today?

Google will tell all users right away that the website they are visiting is insecure.

We cannot stress enough how quickly visitors will leave when they see a notification about website security. SSL certificates are one of the most basic security measures websites around the world utilize. Did you know that yet only 51.8% of sites have an active certificate? As ridiculous as that may sound, stats from a Security Researcher (Scott Helme) opened the eyes of various developers about the increasing number of sites switching to SSL (https redirect). Websites that are secured with an SSL certificate will automatically (if configured correctly) redirect to instead of

What about support?

Support is another big topic that business owners need to consider. In fact, it is usually one of the most important topics. When you need changes completed on your site, the questions that pop up include:

  • Who will handle it?
  • How quickly will it be done?
  • Will I be able to reach the web developer to get it done as soon as possible?

On more than one occasion, this is why people switched to AdaptX. Even when the website is completed, having the support available when there is downtime, an attack, updates, is important. More so than what people usually consider. One story I tend to share with clients is about an online store that went down because of a DDOS attack. The client was unable to reach his developer to handle the problem and the website would not go back online. Since there was no level of protection against an attack like this, they had to pay a lot more than they anticipated to bring everything back online. Sometimes, inexperienced developers (in an attempt to save money) use nulled themes that contain backdoors into the website. Making the website extremely insecure and dangerous. Backdoors can also allow individuals to access confidential customer information.

These are just a couple things we like to share about those looking to find a dirt cheap developer. Simply don’t. Because the costs that will accumulate from the damage will exceed what you paid more often than not.

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