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Integrating NAS Storage Solution - Process Energy

Storage Solutions

Integrating NAS Storage Solution - Process Energy


Develop network storage solution for team members with off-site access capabilities. 

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Processing System

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Purchasing Drives

Worked with the client to determine which storage solution would best suit the business. Determining the amount of storage, the type of configuration, and reduce the risk for data loss.

Server Setup

Implented a NAS file server on-site for more efficient, accessible storage solutions.

Adding the Team

Introduced team members and enabled accounts for private and public file access (with roles).

Remote Access

Enabled secure remote access with online drive availability and admin portal access off-site.


Within a single day, our team successfully introduced the storage server with encrypted access and made it accessible within the local network. From there, the drive access was made-available across the network, and WebDAV was enabled for off-site network drive availability. This configuration gives Process Energy the ability to securely host company files through the network and make specific files and folders accessible for different users or user groups. There is no monthly fee for data storage in the cloud and all data is uploaded to the on-site storage server available 24/7. For data protection, a RAID configuration and firewall was used in the event of a hardware drive failure.