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We are problem solvers.

Building solutions that are more efficient, reduce waste, and increase productivity.


Introducing the hardware and software required to automate repetitive processes.


Developing databases and traceability solutions for inventory management.

Data Storage

Implementing secure, encrypted, data storage solutions for businesses.

Machine Learning

Utilizing TensorFlow to develop ML software solutions for businesses.

About our company.

We want to improve the way businesses operate.

At AdaptX, we introduce solutions that grow businesses long term. With a strong, secure infrastructure backed by a successful team of engineers and designers. 

The future.

Changing the world.

With new advances in cloud computing, the applications for software are endless. We see machine learning and our next step is to integrate features like sight, language, and communication in the hardware tools we access daily.

What we value

The customer always comes first.

Since the beginning, AdaptX has always put the customer first. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a list of happy customers, we do everything we can to make it right.  

You'll love working with us. We guarantee it.

  • Our Mission

  • Our Vision

  • Core Values

Our Process

How we work with businesses.


Frame the Problem

We determining the problem and how your business can introduce solutions.


Collecting Data

We gather data that helps us determine the possible solutions we can integrate.


Execute the Plan

We develop and implement the best cost-effective solution for your business.


Industries we are transforming with automated solutions.

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Staying ahead of technology innovation.

We remain competitive by understanding the latest in technology.

We make sure our team is well well-versed in new software and hardware solutions and always listen to what our customers have to say. We take an experimental approach and fund small projects utilizing tech innovation in a low-risk data-driven environment.

Experimental Development
Design & Integration


What our clients say about our services.


Projects Completed


Industries Covered


Expert Developers

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Trusted by innovative companies

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