manufacture & design with model9

Model9 enables businesses to design, test, and manufacture both industrial and consumer goods. See how our platform introduces affordable quick-turnaround manufacturing and in-house testing with the ability to run up to 10k iterations every day.

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AdaptX with Helium

As part of our 2022 whitepaper, AdaptX has invested in the helium blockchain, The People’s Network. See how we are contributing to the growth of IOT and support the paradigm shift for decentralized wireless infrastructure.

IOT Solutions for Businesses

Introducing InventX

Customized and secure software solutions tailored to your business. Guaranteed support, consistent updates, training, and an open-source community that contributes to feature development and improvements.

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Information Technology

Removing the hassle of managing IT by providing a comprehensive suite of services that saves you time and money. Utilize a certified team that can implement a technology roadmap that creates a competitive advantage for your business.

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