An average attack costs a business $130k.

Social Engineering is a widely used, broad term for a range of malicious activities accomplished through human interactions. Its activities account for anywhere from $20,000.00 to $15,000,000.00 in losses.

At AdaptX, not only do we understand what happens, we work directly with insiders to determine what stores and tactics are being used to infiltrate and attack businesses. We successfully implement solutions to resolve these problems and keep an in-depth database that flags purchases from individuals/addresses that have irregular activity. Individuals flagged are also reported to authorities and recovery efforts are made to recover funds for businesses.

We track malicious activity and maintain a database of known consumers and addresses that have been flagged by our system. We prevent these users from placing orders online. Businesses can also flag credit cards and prevent credit card fraud in real-time.

AdaptX reviews your business against existing social engineering tactics to determine risk while taking appropriate actions to keep you safe.

Our response team consists of software developers/analysts that replicate attacks and determine the effective solution to patch and prevent them in the future.

Use data to prevent losses.

The FETX database is comprised of user data collected through all companies that participate in the program. Updated in real-time, flagged transactions are automatically declined and may be processed manually within your account. If your company processes a transaction deemed fraudulent, other businesses are automatically protected and future transactions will no longer be accepted.

Customer Inquiries.

AdaptX will handle all unlock requests manually for addresses flagged by our system. Post investigation, our team will determine whether we believe the data provided is suitable for unlocking consumer accounts. As required, AdaptX will work with local law enforcement to review cases.

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