Introducing a new level of control, traceability, and efficiency through supply chain and inventory management.

  • Compatible with IOT devices and AdaptX Trace Solutions.

  • Manage sales, discounts, generate profit reports.

  • Create purchase orders, stock alerts and adjustments.

  • Automatic in-line stock updates for port and air based deliveries.

  • Expandable for AR and VR process management solutions.

  • Prevent user error and introduce work orders for inline processes.

  • Connect with approved backup vendors through AdaptX STRIVE.

Prevent costly delays.

InventX enables you to effectively track inventory and identify potential shortages before they happen. Improve traceability in the workplace by enabling various tagging solutions including UID, Barcode, RFID, and tamper proof solutions that work with your business and keep you ahead of your competitors. Send notifications directly to purchasing or a sourcing specialist as needed based on existing and incoming work orders.

Complete tracking.

InventX can be customized to meet your product requirements. The package solution supports teams of up to 500 users with the added ability to be hosted on-site or through the AdaptX Cloud Server. Setup checkpoints for inventory scanning at any location around the world. Paired with IOT, delivery personnel can scan packages at pickup or delivery and with location tracking, consumers can track packages and receive estimated times and dates for delivery.

Connect with your store.

InventX connects to most CMS platforms to provide a secure, user-friendly tracking capability for products sent out. From materials/components, to finished goods, InventX can deliver real-time traceability data to your business and your team.

Tracking numbers can be pulled from couriers or setup and generated automatically for local delivery personnel. Install the InventX app on most Android or Apple devices and introduce affordable, effective tracking solutions.