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Data is dangerous, Privacy is Rare.

We need to do our part to educate, improve, and implement effective solutions.

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Company Statement

The founding partners started their first business in 2015. Over the past 6 years, AdaptX has developed a team that has made a difference in various industries around the world. Developing standards that introduce a new level of control that better focuses on end-user privacy. We believe in transparency and work hard to ensure our clients understand the data they collect and the responsibility businesses have to ensure they remain compliant with security and data privacy.
We believe in company integrity and trust. Accommodating diversity, empathetic decision-making, and compliance and governance that is consistent with our core values. We speak out about what we believe in and take a stand against toxic work culture. Our team makes up our business and we do what is necessary to remove barriers that allow for career growth at any level.

Bullying and the rising suicide rates.

We have been working closely with businesses, school boards, and non-profit organizations within Canada to tackle one of the most heart-breaking issues in society today. Bullying is a global problem. At AdaptX, we have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying and will, at our expense, pursue necessary actions to support employees, children, and adults that reach out to us regarding a situation involving bullying.

It’s a global problem.